iFi nano iDSD Black Label(BL)

iFi nano iDSD Black Label (BL)iFi nano iDSD Black Label(BL)

DAC built-in portable headphone amplifier

iFi nano of audio iDSD Black Label is a direct descendant of the original nano iDSD that became the beginning worldwide bestseller in Japan.

As well as higher-level machine micro iDSD BL, a great matte black finish, uses a burnt orange in the details. Internal also is almost the same, this time 1) In the past 2 RCA output terminal to line out of 3.5mm of) various OTG directly cause the adoption of USB-A terminal male cable 3) ledge new design that eliminates the like , portability offers better here. By simply connecting the smartphone, you can experience unprecedented levels of sound quality streaming services such as hi-res sound source and Spotify.

Of course, the connection from the PC or MAC is also possible. By X-MOS iFi of technology that the control software can be proprietary, because it can be reproduced 11.2MHz even DoP be a standard driver not only the ASIO driver, the DSD playback specs only DoP as other DAC fall it does not have. This feature is used to also useful in many cases Razupai audio to be adopted the standard driver.


  • Input (rear): USB2.0 Type A “OTG” male
  • Output (back): 3.5mm stereo mini fixed level line-out,
  • Digital Filter: 2 types
  • Output (front): 3.5mm stereo mini x 2 (direct output, iEMatch® equipped with output)
  • DAC: Bit-Perfect DSD / DXD conversion, digital filter switchable PCM conversion, Burr Brown DSD corresponding to MQA, DXD, PCM DAC
  • Clock: low jitter crystal clock
  • Supported formats: DSD 256/128/64 / 12.4 / 11.2 / 6.2 / 5.6 / 3.1 / 2.8MHz
  • Dxd 384 / 352.8kHz
  • PCM 384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz
  • MQA
  • PCM: Listen (minimum phase filter to optimize the transient characteristics)
  • Measure (optimized filter frequency characteristic)
  • DSD: Listen (broadband filter to optimize the transient characteristics)
  • Measure (filter suppresses out-of-band noise)
  • DXD:Bit-Perfect
  • MQA: MQA
  • Headphone amplifier: dual mono 2x285mW no coupling direct drive
  • Volume Control: Analog 2 circuits – power switch function with potentiometer, a tracking error 2dB below
  • (40dB-0dB Save decay time)
  • Headphones connection: 3.5mmTRRS balance with a single-ended and compatibility
  • Dynamic range (line output): 109dB (A) above
  • THD + N (0dBFS line output): 0.004% or less
  • Output voltage (direct out): 3.5V (600Ω load) or more
  • 2.9V (30Ω)
  • 1.7V (15Ω)
  • Output voltage (line-out): 2.15V (± 0.05V)
  • Output impedance: 1Ω or less (Direct out) 4Ω below (iEMatch) 240Ω or less (line-out)
  • Channel separation: 99dB (1kHz) or more
  • Jitter: measurement below the limit
  • Size: 96 (depth) x 64 (width) x 25.5 (height) mm
  • Weight: 139g
  • Warranty: 1 year after purchase

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