Kenwood RDT-181

Kenwood RDT-181

MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC support
CD / USB receiver “RDT-181” New release


JVC KENWOOD Corporation, from the Kenwood brand, as a new product for a particular market for car audio, MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC support ※ 1will be released from early November the CD / USB receiver “RDT-181”.※ 1: WAV / FLAC support is only USB.

Name of product

Model number

Suggested retail price (excluding tax)

Release date

1DIN receiver

MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC support  1 CD / USB receiver


Open price

Early November

Newly corresponds to the “FLAC” audio file format that can be played on fidelity sound quality to the original sound

Newly correspond to the audio file format of the lossless compression method “FLAC” the sound quality does not deteriorate to the original sound.The music that was recorded in the USB device can be played in high-quality sound.

Adopted a new design equipped with a lighting bar Illumination

We’ve adopted a new design equipped with a lighting bar illumination that brings out the sharpness of the face.

Corresponding to the wide FM (FM complement broadcasting)

Equipped with FM / AM tuner. FM is, FM complement relay station to perform a simulcast of AM radio ※ 2 corresponds to, wide FM up to 99.0MHz is capable of receiving.

The FM complement relay station, in the broadcast target area of ​​the AM radio broadcast, disaster measures and hearing loss (urban hearing loss, foreign wave interference, geographical and topographical hearing loss) for the measures, and complementary in the FM system that of the relay station for broadcasting.

The music was recorded in Android ™ smartphone can be operated comfortably, “KENWOOD Music Play” ※ 3 was adopted

Android OS4.1 / Android Open Accessory Protocol 2.0 (AOA2) in the corresponding ※ 4 was our own music for the free application “KENWOOD Music Play” ※ 3 a it is possible to use, artists the music that has been recorded on the Android ™ smartphone, album it is possible to select and playback from items such as, you can enjoy a comfortable music ※ 5 .

※ 3: “KENWOOD Music Play” application I can free download from Google Play ™.

※ 4: In the case of Android OS4.1 or more, I can play in this machine music files via USB. Play operation and browsing will be operation in this machine. During playback, it allows you to check the music information on the smartphone.

※ 5: Android ™ (using a smart phone accessory cable) smartphone and a USB connection. Operation of all of the Android ™ smartphone is not guaranteed.

Equipped with a variety of audio control function

  • CD and such as AUX connection, to adjust the volume level change in each source “volume offset function”
  • More equipped with a small high-power distortion to play clear “50W × 4MOS-FET amplifier” the original sound
  • 8 types of preset equalizer curve, choose the sound quality to match, such as the music genre “dB equalizer PRO”
  • Road noise a small sound and bass which is easily drowned out by such adjusted to easy sound field listening to reinforce “Drive equalizer”
  • bass boost that it is possible to adjust the bass at the stage
  • The compression sound source to reproduce sound with a reality in the rhythmic “SOUND RECONSTRUCTION”
  • Small loudness also enhances bass and treble in volume, to play a pleasant sound

Other Features

  • USB 1A (1 amps) corresponds to the output, digital audio equipment ※ 6 can be charged, such as ※6: operation of all of the audio device is not guaranteed.
  • “Drive Change” is equipped with a function, easily possible to select the drive you want to play from the USB device in connection
  •  An AM / FM broadcast stations favorite, are collectively equipped with “Mixed Preset Memory” function that you can register up to six stations
  • Equipped with the slide cover with front USB / AUX terminal, and corresponds to the connection of a variety of digital audio equipment

The main rating of RDT-181


Name of product



1DIN receiver

USB I / F unit

USB standard

USB1.1 / 2.0 (full speed compatible)

File system

FAT12 / 16/32

Maximum supply current


MP3 decode

MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3 compliant

WMA decode

Windows Media ™ Audio compliant

WAV decode


FLAC decode

FLAC files (48kHz / 16bit limited to the following)

CD section

Frequency characteristic

20Hz ~ 20kHz (± 1dB)

S / N ratio

105dB (1kHz)

Dynamic range


MP3 decode

MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3

WMA decode

Windows Media ™ Audio compliant

FM section

Reception frequency range

76.0MHz ~ 99.0MHz (100kHz step)

Practical sensitivity

8.2dBf (0.71μV / 75Ω)

Frequency characteristic

30Hz ~ 15kHz (± 3.0dB)

Stereo separation

40dB (1kHz) 

AM section

Reception frequency range

522kHz ~ 1629kHz (9kHz step)


29dBμ (28.2μV) 

Audio section

Maximum output

50W × 4

Rated output

30W × 4 (4Ω, 1kHz, 10% THD or less)

Common unit

Power-supply voltage

14.4V (10.5 ~ 16V)

Maximum current consumption


Embedding dimension

178W × 50H × 158Dmm

Mass (weight)


※ It does not correspond to 8cmCD.


● “Android ™” and “Android ™ logo”, “Google Play ™” is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.. ● WMA (Windows Media ™ Audio) is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States. ● “Drive equalizer (logo)” is a trademark or registered trademark of JVC KENWOOD Corporation. ● Other company names are listed, product names are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners.