Hertz HSK 165


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Hertz HSK 165

2 Way System (Discontinued older model)

  • Power handling: 125W RMS
  • Sensitivity: 92dB

Woofer design

  • Diameter: 165mm
  • Cone material: Non pressed paper with cotton fibre
  • Basket material: Cast alloy

Tweeter design

  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Dome material: Tetolon fiber
  • Mounting: OEM, Flush, Angled pod


  • Slope: 3.2kHz 12dB/oct.
  • Tweeter attenuation:
  • Woofers: cones made of polypropylene with mica radial injection, phase plugs new profile, exclusive DWR® surround with improved mix of rubber, latex and silicone, baskets special anti-scratch finishing, exclusive support for connectors and lead wires.
  • Tweeters: dome made of pre-coated TETOLON®, rear acoustic chamber, neodymium magnet, revolving support and accessories for factory location and flush mounting.
  • Crossover included.
  • Grilles included

Hertz HSK 165

Hertz HSK 165 Hertz HSK 165 Hertz HSK 165

REVIEW Mobile Electronics Australia


From the moment I powered the Hertz HSK 165 set into life they served up a wonderfully revealing and transparent delivery of upper midrange and treble. Acoustic guitar sounding intricate and refined, with each individual string pluck clearly apparent while strummed chords sang with body and resonance.

The Tetolon tweeters were some of the most revealing I have ever heard, adding airiness and extension to the ‘room’ yet without adding anything brittle or harsh to the sound – which is very hard to achieve. Using the variable level settings on the crossovers I toyed with the three positions and settled on the middle ‘0dB’ setting, which in reality has -2dB knocked off it if you think about it – I mean, the passive filter can’t amplify the speakers by +2dB on that setting now can they?

On the bass delivery front the drums and bass guitar were taught and controlled, but to my mind a little cold and lacking in weight. I trialed the set when aided with a subwoofer system and things improved dramatically, so by all means add a dedicated sub bass driver if you want the best from this set. Of note is the optional HSK 165XL.4 set that features larger 28mm tweeters and, critically, beefier mid bass drivers capable of double the excursion (8mm over 4mm) that will no doubt remedy the low end shortfall. At $699, however, they’re $200 pricier and $100 out of this review’s range.

This set obviously shares the same technology, engineering, build quality and for the most part the excellent overall sound quality of ‘rival’ Audison Voce AV K6 set. They therefore must be considered as the most affordable way into the range of Hertz/Audison speakers which do seem to crossover in design and philosophy quite heavily. If you’re the type of ultra-fussy buyer who simply must have the most revealing speakers but have a strictly lower budget then team the Hertz HKS 165 set with a decent subwoofer (Hertz make a matching variety!) and I promise you that you’ll be massively impressed.