Microfono para grabacion Stereo


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Microfono para grabacion Stereo

High Quality Stereo Recording Microphone



1) Hight-quality stereo recording microphone

2) For universal IC recorder and the same applies to the supply of recording equipment

3) 3.5 mm microphone socket models

4) Can be adjusted according to need audio recording microphone angle

5) High-grade zinc magnesium alloy case

6) With a wide range of base clip

7) These can be easily recorded in the outdoor windscreen

8) With a wide range of base clip:

Conference table recording, can be adjusted according to need audio recording microphone angle.

Can be caught in the collar, close-long recording, wind sleeve can reduce wind and breath, and improve the recording quality


1) Pointing characteristics: Omnidirectiona

2) Angle: 0-50°

3) Sensitivity: -40+-3dB(0dB=1V/Pa, 1KHz)

4) Impedance: 2.2KΩ

5) Frequency characteristics: 100-15000Hz

6) Plug 3.5mm, 3 pole mini-gold-Plated Plug

7) Temperature: 0-40°C

8) Body Material: Zinc alloy, clip material: ABS

9) Size: width 13.3 mm, high 65.3mm, deep: 13.3mm

Package Contents:

1) 1 x Microphone

2) 1 x Base Clip

3) 1 x Extension Line(100cm)

4) 1 x Wind Cap

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