PS-30SWIII Swich Power


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Swich Communication Power PS-30SWIII

PS-30 SW III radio communication power 13.8 volts DC / 28-30A

This subsection, communication power supply design is small, the output voltage can be adjusted for a wide range, anti-interference ability etc. The instrument V voltage A current composite design to save space and volume, heat temperature sensor force controlled cooling mode, efficient, safe and reliable. Are exported to Europe and the United States, with its excellent performance for various occasions environment.

Panel Features:

1: The main power switch

2: filtering noise adjustment

3: voltage output adjustment

4: voltage, current composite table

5:13.8 V fixed voltage and adjustable voltage switch

6: voltmeter, ammeter display switch

7: pointer instrument proofreading

8: DC voltage output terminal

9: cooling fan

10: Fuse

  PS-30SWIII Swich Power

PS-30SWIII Swich Power

Specific parameters:

  • Input voltage: 220V AC
  • Output voltage: 13.8 volts DC ± 0.2V (8-15V adjustable)
  • Output current :30-32A (max)
  • Wave pattern: ≦ 80Vp-p
  • CBM: 155 (W) x 70 (H) x 205 (D) mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg

PS-30SWIII Swich Power