Sony SM830


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Sony SM830 condenser microphone

Professional Microphone SM830 Specifications

Sony SM830

 Functions and features: 

  • wide range of applications, concert recordings and live sound systems to a variety of records from the meeting
  • Sound studios are suitable for use
  • Gooseneck Microphone radio direction can be flexibly adjusted  concentrated
  • Express connector and the card.

According to the battery polarity signs, replace the battery, connect the audio cable, and with

MIC jack audio equipment plugged. 
the MIC amplifier volume knob to “0” position, and then start the audio equipment

Conference microphone power switch, microphone switch, then microphone transmitter side

Shouted into the microphone volume edge audio equipment commissioning, until the optimum effect prevail

1, Do not use the front of the pickup point distance from the speakers and cough too close to

Avoidance whistle.
2, periodically check the battery, the microphone is not used for some time, remove the batteries

Shift, the battery is too long to prevent acidification, battery fluid corrosion mechanism.

  • Transducer Type: Condenser
  • Power supply: DC9V
  • Frequency response: 60Hz-16kHz
  • Output Impedance: 200 Ohms
  • Directivity: Cardioid
  • Sensitivity:-40dB ± 3dB

Sony SM830

Sony SM830

Sony SM830

Sony SM830