TRI COMTAC III Noise Reduction Headset


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TRI COMTAC III Noise Reduction Headset

TRI Comtac-III tactical pickup noise-canceling headphones (CB color) (3rd generation circuit)

Brand: TRI – Place of Origin: China

This headset is a walkie-talkie headset, you can not pick the phone, MP3, PC!

TRI Comtac-III tactical pickup noise canceling headphones, noise pickup using the new circuit better, can change the position of the left and right sides of the intercom access.

3 generations original circuit design can be synchronized only be achieved by a single speaker synthesizer pickup and intercom signals, full stereo sound pickup effect reducing environment so delicate position clear to distinguish more clearly!
3rd generation circuit design reduces the original power, Just on the 7th battery makes the body weight reduction.

TRI ComTac III comparison with the original PELTOR COMTAC III, noise pickup and other defense-bit performance effect is almost the same, not much difference!

C2 C3 kind of like the way the noise , we used to test shielded sound is hard to shoot big hands will have temporary shield no sound phenomenon, and C3 is not a significant volume of this shielding effect, it is the moment to turn the volume down beyond the set, in order to achieve both can restore hearing to protect the actual source, such as when shooting continuously

C2 headphones sound shield is almost as deaf as you almost hear the sound, while the C3 is not the same you will still be able to hear the sound of shooting and the outer All sound environment, but a powerful shot volume is automatically reduced to where you adjust the volume, so that they not only hear the sound will not hurt your hearing. you can find the original PELTOR COMTAC III, deputy under comparison to see if the same?!
TRI COMTAC III Noise Reduction Headset

Reminder about testing headphones noise pickup ~ ~ argue bit method:

C3 response and recovery speed is very fast, not only with the palm of your hand to test the noise reduction photographed, it does so after a brief noise as C1 Shielding is not sound, because it is truly not masked noise reduction, and noise reduction reaction speed is very fast, you can simply use two metal pawed found shrill sound very obvious change is small, but the sound still can clearly hear the sound and then gently rub the sound of two metal plates has been amplified clearly hear! Debate bit more simple touch of your hand microphone sponge under the pickup will be very clear about discern about Location is the stereo effect it!

Automatic pickup: wearing headphones when you can hear the sound of the outside world (the 7th need to install two batteries)

Digital Noise Reduction: to hear the sound automatically when a huge noise and protect your hearing

Special Note: Open pickup switch, while two buttons pressed together to open.

Special Note: put the battery when the attention is negative, otherwise it will lead to open pickup feature! After installing the battery can not be opened if the pickup, check the battery power (power automatically turns off due to low or intermittent effects appear after opening). If the battery is full grid still does not open, use your fingers to touch the iron inside the battery compartment you can look inward breaking!

TRI COMTAC III Noise Reduction Headset

TRI COMTAC III Noise Reduction HeadsetTRI COMTAC III Noise Reduction Headset