Sony FMP-X7

sony_FMP-X7Sony FMP-X7

4 K compatible BRAVIA Quentin connection & operation spread the world 4 K 4 K Media Player

4K media player FMP-X7 Sony, correspondence from 4K broadcasting / delivery to the high-resolution playback

Can be saved 4K content on external USB HDD

From Sony, you can enjoy a variety of 4K content was announced “4K media player” FMP-X7.

As a native 4K content currently enjoy at home, and SKY Perfect! Footage shot on a 4K camera, such as Channel4K and Handycam of 4K test broadcasting that uses the, and the like. FMP-X7 corresponds to the playback of both, moreover, that can be stored on the outside with the USB HDD them.

It’s first 4K broadcasting but, FMP-X7 has a built-in tuner of Channel4K, can receive this broadcast by connecting to the CS124 / 128 degrees corresponding antenna. And he willing to save the recorded programs to an external USB HDD at the same time.

SKY, which is scheduled further future!Since such thing with the corresponding plan to 4K delivery using premium 4K broadcasting and the Internet, I mean enjoy a variety of 4K source not only Channel4K in this one.

It should be noted, FMP-X7 are two systems equipped with the support of the video and audio output corresponding HDMI HDCP2.2, a voice-only HDMI output of HDCP1.4 specification. In other words, always enjoy the sound of 4K broadcasting, even if your AV center is not a corresponding HDCP2.2 now, is probably glad consideration to users of projector corresponding to HDCP2.2.

4K material by another camera is basically the company made Handycam, are assumed to be taken by XAVC / XAVC S format. Until now, the 4K material that was captured by the camera was only to save on the HDD by connecting to the PC, and if connecting the FMP-X7 in the camera and the USB cable, it is a translation will be able to save to an external USB HDD without PC . Also because it does not even need the camera during playback, it would be to enjoy the simple to high-quality video.

In addition playback of FMP-X7 music files such as WAV / FLAC / MP3 In also possible, and that enjoy high-resolution sound source for WAV / FLAC. A USB memory, walkman from the USB jack on the front panel, but not willing to play capture the high-resolution data that is contained in a USB HDD on the back of the USB terminal.

Since enjoy the high-resolution via HDMI in this function to capitalize if high-resolution non-compliant AV center, here also is probably glad proposal to AV fan.