Digital amplifier with built-in Bluetooth receiver, DAC and headphone amp

All is one, one is all

  • 40W*2
  • 257mW*2
  • 24bit-192KHz
  • NFC
  • Trebie & Bass Control
  • Subwoofer output
  • Remote control
  • BIuetooth

Better built-in headphone amp


MX3 use OP+BUF headphone amp to provide 257mW (32ohm) output power, which is 190% of VX3. Besides, MX3’s built-in headphone amp provide 0 006%THD+N, and 20-200KHz frequency response

Exquisite aluminum case

We designed MX3’s case by arcs and lines and combined with the design of hidden screws, which make no screws on front panle and around. In order to have a better surface, we use same surface with MAC BOOK.


Auto On/Off function for all digital inputs except AUX

Connect to Bluetooth by NFC

Selectable Bypass / Treble and Bass tone control

Adjustable screen brightness

dB/Step Volume display

Remote control

MX3 will turn on and turn off synchronize with your digital signal inputs —(This function does not supported for AUX input).

Auto On/Off

You can connect Bluetooth input by closing to the NFC label.

Selectable bypass / Treble & Bass tone control


Adjustable screen brightness

dB/Step Volume display

Remote control

HIFI components

We put power amplifier, headphone amplifier, DAC with 24bit/192KHz coaxial/optical and 24bit/96KHz USB inputs, Bluetooth 4.0 module which are all worked independently into MX3.


More details

1. PC’s power amp & headphone amp.

MX3’s built-in DAC is much better than PC’s built-in sound card. So we suggest you to connect your PC’s coaxial / optical / USB to MX3’s input, then connect MX3 to your speaker and headphone. You can also connect a active subwoofer to MX3.

2. Bluetooth power amp + headphone amp

You can close to the MX3’s NFC label to fast connect MX3’s Bluetooth input and enjoy Bluetooth music by speakers or headphone. If your phone or tablet does not has NFC, you can search Bluetooth to connect. Close to the NFC label again to disconnect Bluetooth.

3. Bluetooth receiver

MX3 could serve as a Bluetooth receiver. Close to the MX3’s NFC label to fast connect MX3’s Bluetooth input and enjoy Bluetooth music. If your phone or tablet does not has NFC, you can search Bluetooth to connect. Close to the NFC label again to disconnect Bluetooth. You can connect output signal from headphone out.

4. Amplifier for disc player & digital player

You can connect the coaxial / optical output of your disc player / digital player to MX3. Then you can enjoy music without buying a DAC.

5. Simple power amp & headphone amp

MX3 could also serve as a simple power amp & headphone amp. Input signal cou’d be player, dac, TV, phone, PC and etc.

6. DAC + Pre-amplifier

If you want to use other amplifier, MX3 could serve as DAC + Pre-amplifier. Connect input signal to BT / USB / Optical / Coaxial / AUX, then connect output signal from headphone output.

7. Simple Pre-amplifier

If your system already has amplifier and DAC, MX3 could serve as a simple pre-amplifier.

More ways to be discovered




MX3 has CE, ROHS and FCC certification


Main Spec
Dimensions Approx 18.5cm x 12.2cm x 3.8cm
Net weight Approx 475g
Color Full black/Full silver
Power input DC24V/3.75A
Signal input BT/USB/OPT/COAX/AUX
Headphone output 1 x 3.5mm
Speaker output Banana jack, BTL output
Subwoofer output RCA x 1
Bluetooth <^10m
Display screen Orange LED
Audio Spec
AUX in
Headphone out Speaker out
THD+N (A-weighting) <0.006% at lKHz Output=130mW RL=32Q <0.05% at lKHz Output=20W RL=80
SNR (A-weighting) >103dB at lKHz >91dB at lKHz
Frequency response 20Hz-200KHz(±0.1dB) 20Hz-20KHz(±0.8dB)
Output voltage lOVpp 46Vpp
Noise <18uVrms <0.5mVrms
Cross talk -93dB @lKHz -75dB @lKHz
Balance 0.05 dB 0.05 dB
Output impedance <0.40 <0.20
Gain 11.6dB 29.6 dB
Output power 257mW x 2 at 320 THD+N<1% 42mW x 2 at 3000 THD+N<1% 38W x 2 at 80 THD+N<10% 40W x 2 at 40 THD+N<10%
Suitable Load Impedance 16-3000 4-80
DAC Spec
USB IN 44.1KHz-96KHz/16Bit-24Bit
OPT/ COAX IN 44.1KHz-192KHz/16Bit-24Bit
Bluetooth HFPV1.6, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.4


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