CSR8635 TDA7492 board Instructions

CSR8635 TDA7492 board Instructions

Instructions for CSR8635/TDA7492 BlueTooth amplifier module.

Power supply

1.    The board accepts a DC power source between 12V and 24V. Maximum power is obtained when using a power supply voltage at the higher end of the range.

2.    At 24V, a 3A power supply is advised.

3.    The power socket accepts a 5.5mm DC power plug with 2.1mm pin receptacle.

4. The centre pin is positive.

CSR8635 TDA7492 board Instructions

BlueTooth pairing

1.    On power-up the red power LED next to the power connector lights up.

2.    The amplifier emits a chime through the loudspeaker output.

3.    The blue LED starts blinking, soon changing to red and blue, alternatively.

4.    While red and blue lights alternate, set your device (e.g., smart phone) to discover Bluetooth devices.

5.    The module should come up as “SANWU Audio” or “Shaibang”. (It may appear as a different device name, though: just look for a new device).

6.    Pair the amplifier and your smart device by selecting it and connecting to it from the smart device end.

7.    When paired, the red LED will stop flashing, and only the blue LED will blink periodically.


1.    The PLAY button will start or pause play in your music application.

2.    BACK or PREV (depending on your specific board) should skip to the preceding track.1

3.    NEXT should skip to the following track.1

4.    VOL+ and VOL- adjust sound level (volume) from the board itself, and is not interactive with the smart device. A soft bleep is heard whenever these buttons are pressed.

BlueTooth Range

Range was tested to 5m. Beyond 6m, the connection became intermittent

Loudspeaker Connection

1.    Loudspeakers should be connected as shown in the diagram below.

2.    Note that there is no common connection between the analogue input and the amplifier output terminals. Nor is there a common connection between the two amplified output channels. The amplifier is configured in BTL (bridge-tied load) arrangement. Connection other than the arrangement shown in the graphic may result in damage to the module.

Gain selection

The amplifier allows selection of the following gain settings via DIP switch selection (see graphic): 21.6dB, 26.6dB, 31.1dB, 33.6dB.

CSR8635 TDA7492 board Instructions

Analogue inputs/Outputs

There is currently not sufficient information available to give good guidance on the use of these functions. these functions were found to be reversed.

CSR8635 TDA7492 board Instructions

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