Diamond D130J-D130NJ

Diamond D130J / D130NJ

Super Discone Antenna for Wideband Reception

The D130J/D130NJ Super Discone Antenna is the first ultra-wideband antenna in the market which can cover amateur radio, air traffic control and other various utility frequency bands and, in addition, even some amateur radio frequency bands within the covering frequency range can be transmitted with this antenna alone.

The D130J/D130NJ is designed to be able to assemble very easily and can be built in a couple of hours by beginners. Rust free stainless steel is employed in major component parts to have the antenna rust resistant and durable. And its very compact and lightweight design enables it to be installed at any convenient place.



  • Ultra-wideband design to be able to cover 25-1300MHz.
  • Very compact and lightweight design enables the antenna to be installed on balcony railing at an apartment or condominium.
  • 6m, 2m 70cm and 23cm amateur frequency bands and 33cm band (900MHz) can be transmitted.
  • Since all radial rods are designed to have the same length, the D130J/D130NJ is perfectly omnidirectional as original discone antenna and can receive radio propagation from any direction evenly.
  • The D130J/D130NJ can be made further compact and lightweight by removing the top element assembly, if it doesn’t require to receive lower end frequency range.


Frequency range: 25-1300MHz for receiving only (Amateur frequency bands and personal radio frequency band for transmitting)

  • Length :1.7m (66.9″)
  • Weight :1kg (2.2lbs.)
  • Max. Diameter : 0.41m (16.1″)
  • Mast diameter accepted: 25-50mm (0.98″ to 2.05″)
  • Max. Power rating: 20W FM (6m), 50W PEP (6m)
  • 200W FM (except for 2m)
  • Type : Wideband Omnidirectional discone antenna

Assembling the D130J/D130NJ Super Discone Antenna


D130J: Connector: UHF

D130NJ: Connector: Type-N


Review on eHAM.com

-Operating Manual

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