kenwood MDV-D402BT

kenwood MDV-D402BT

Aya-speed” was concept-based, specific sales channels for model “TYPE-D” series first edition

AV navigation system 
Irodori-soku navigation “MDV-D402BT” “MDV-D202” New release

  • “MDV-D402BT”

  • “MDV-D202”

JVC Kenwood Corporation, from Kenwood brand, as new products of specific sales channels for AV navigation system, Irodori-soku navigation “MDV-D402BT” (Seg tuner / Bluetooth ® Built-in, DVD / USB / SD compatible), “MDV-D202” (TV tuner-less, CD / USB / SD compatible) and then released from the beginning of November.

“TYPE-D”, the series that the “saturation speed” concept of popular as a base, has launched a new directed to specific sales channels. This unit, in the first installment of “TYPE-D” series, is a model that targets the sales channels with a focus on auto sales / car lease / rental car industry. Of “Irodori-soku Navi” unique, operation of the smartphone sensation such as flick and touch, is equipped with a GUI, such as the HOME screen and operation screen configuration, for the first time as for those who come into contact with this unit is easy to use even in simple, we narrow down the function .

Name of product

Model number

Suggested retail price (excluding tax)

Sale time

Seg tuner / Bluetooth ® Built-in 
DVD / USB / SD AV navigation system


Open price

Early November

TV tuner-less 
CD / USB / SD AV navigation system



Malachite SDR

malachite sdr

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