kenwood RDT-171

kenwood RDT-171

Simple addition to the basic performance, specific sales channels for the model corresponding to the various media and equipped with a USB terminal

MP3 / WMA / WAV CD / USB receiver “RDT-171” New release

JVC KENWOOD Corporation is, from Kenwood brand, as new products of specific sales channels for car audio, MP3 / WMA / WAV ※ 1 will be released than the corresponding CD / USB receiver “RDT-171” the beginning of November.

As a model to target the market with a focus on auto sales / car lease / rental car industry, in addition to easy basic performance that use simple, it is equipped with a USB terminal to accommodate a variety of media.

※ 1: WAV support will be only USB devices.


Name of product Model number Suggested retail price (excluding tax) Sale time
1DIN receiver
MP3 / WMA / WAV ※ 1 corresponding CD / USB receiver RDT-171 Open price Early November


  • kenwood MP3 / WMA / WAV CD / USB receiver "RDT-171" New release

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