Wadia di122

Wadia di122 digital audio decoder


The di122 two-Channel digital audio decoder integrates Wadia’s superior technical performance with our new Series 1 mini industrial design. Its sleek, modern aesthetic is compact in size to fit in virtually any location while complementing any surrounding.

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Welcome To DTS:X

Welcome To DTS:X

dts-XOpen, Immersive And Flexible Object-Based Audio Coming To Cinema And Home

DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), a global leader in audio technology solutions, has unveiled further details about DTS:X, its open, next-generation, object-based, multi-dimensional audio technology. DTS:X replicates a real-world sound environment that transports the audience into a new dimension of sound immersion by delivering truly captivating entertainment experiences in the cinema and at home. The technology also provides numerous customization options for cinema and home theater owners.

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D/A Converter/Headphone Amplifier/SD Player

Portability and Pure Musicality for Lovers of Hi-Res Music

The DAC-HA300 is the first DAC/headphone amplifier to support 192 kHz/24-bit Hi-Res PCM and 5.6 MHz DSD playback via iOS and Android devices using a Lightning or On-the-Go USB cables and our free HF Player app. Whether you love the extra detail and clarity of next-generation audio formats, or just want to make compressed files sound better, the DAC-HA300’s acclaimed MUSES8920 op-amp, fully discrete push-pull output stage, and high-end PCMI795 digital-to-analog converter bring music alive with breathtaking realism.

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Marantz AV8802 HDCP 2.2

Marantz AV8802 HDCP 2.2

Marantz anuncia la inminente disponibilidad de la mejora de hardware HDCP 2.2 para su preamplificador/procesador de A/V de referencia, el AV8802


Marantz, acaba de anunciar la disponibilidad inminente de una mejora de hardware para su preamplificador/procesador de A/V de referencia, el AV8802. Tal y como Marantz prometió el pasado mes de Enero, los actuales propietarios de su querido centro de control audiovisual podrán ahora mejorarlo para que pueda soportar el protocolo de protección anticopia HDCP 2.2, necesario para reproducir contenidos en 4K/UHD protegidos.

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IWCE 2015 Nuevas radios DMR

IWCE 2015 Nuevas radios DMR

Resumen de nuevas radios móviles y portátiles DMR presentadas en el IWCE 2015 en las Vegas.

Con la el crecimiento fenomenal de DMR en el sector de radio de dos vías comerciales y dentro de la comunidad de la radioaficion, muchos fabricantes nuevos se están enfocando en el DMR con una variedad de modelos nuevos. Como resultado, había un montón de radios DMR convirtiendo este año en el evento de 2015 IWCE aquí en Las Vegas, NV. Es importante tener en cuenta que, aunque se presentaron muchos modelos, muchos de los que no funcionaban y poca información estaba disponible sobre ellos. Aquí le damos un vistazo de algunas de las unidades que hemos visto.

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Nuforce DDA120

Nuforce DDA120

Powerful integrated digital amp with Bluetooth receiver

The DDA120 is a powerful yet compact integrated digital amplifier and comes with the blue tooth receiver dongle, BTR1, for free.

It is an ideal entertainment hub that can be connected to both digital and analogue sources from record players, digital satellite boxes, DVD players and gaming consoles to the most advanced digital devices.

With its diminutive size and elegant styling, the DDA120 builds on the success of its predecessor – the critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning DDA100. Its sleek design lends itself as an unobtrusive integrated solution under the latest flat screen or as part of a desktop audio system

Music can be played wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth or any of the four digital connections can be used to connect digital devices. The minimalist direct digital architecture maintains the purity of digital music – resulting in a perfectly transparent, dynamic and exquisitely detailed sound. Through its high quality analogue inputs, it will also maintain the original distinctive character of vinyl collections and other analogue music.

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Xtreamer Prodigy 4K

Xtreamer Prodigy 4K

Plays everything, Record everything!!

Xtreamer Prodigy 4K is our new one-of-a-kind NextGen entertainment system which is probably the most advanced in the market. Our device delivers to your TV a whole new level of experience including the support of 4K ultra HD video playback with built-in recording functionality. Amongst its many new and outstanding features is a direct online access to live digital TV broadcast and online video content, which includes the biggest names and titles in movies and television, in up-to uHD resolution.


Xtreamer Prodigy 4K features a 3.5” HDD hub enabling you for the first time to enjoy native H.264 real-time live recording from your set top box as well as HEVC hardware decoding of HD Audio & Video on the Android ecosystem. Just plug your Prodigy 4k in and enjoy a whole world of favorite movies, music, sports, live TV and much more. Amazing what 149€ could buy for you today.

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TREK Flex TDK Life on Record


The TDK Life on Record TREK™ Flex speaker brings your music to life no matter where you go. This speaker is made to move with a weatherized design and built-in shock resistance so it can take a tumble and keep playing your tunes.

The TREK Flex surrounds listeners with 360 degrees of powerful audio with enhanced bass, whether you position it horizontally or vertically. NFC makes connecting the speaker to your smartphone quick and simple, and changing tracks is as easy as the touch of a button, letting you keep your smartphone tucked safely away. Stylish and sturdy, the TREK Flex will provide the soundtrack to all your adventures, no matter what the forecast.

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NuPrime DAC-10H

The Ultimate Desktop DAC and Headphone Amp

The NuPrime DAC-10H is a DAC & Headphone Amplifier offering PCM 384K& DSD256 decoding.The DAC-10H’s balanced headphone amplifier is capable of driving headphones in balanced and single-ended configuration and can be used with up to two dynamic headphones. With five digital & two analog stereo inputs, the DAC-10H is a full-featured DAC and preamp more than suited for any high-end system.

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