onda A78S+ AMD A78 motherboard


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onda A78S+ AMD A78 motherboard

AMD A78/Socket FM2+

onda A78S+ motherboard AMD A78/Socket FM2+

By the AMD A78 chipset Onda A78S + all solid version, support for the latest AMD FM2 + AMD Kaveri APU series processors and M2 Interface Interface of AMD Trinity / Richland APU series processors. AMD Kaveri APU series processors have Steamroller (roller) core, four integrated 32-bit GDDR5 memory controller, the total bit wide 128-bit, which is equivalent to today’s mainstream single significant level. And supports DDR3 2133MHz memory support, it will bring unimaginable boost your host performance.

Moreover, the board also onboard unique “2 times the sound” technology, ease of overclocking, SSD acceleration and stable quality of care has a unique design: military grade solid-state power supply, the original ecological support USB3.0 data transfer, EFI BIOS interface, dual lightning static protection technology is the best there is to do there.

Dual Lightning antistatic

Dual Dual-Lightning Protection Lightning antistatic means that when there is lightning occurs when lightning is lightning protection device filter back to the earth, and the remaining by TVS tube double filter light into heat, and static electricity can be released by the chip card, make sure that the network card and the host Safety.

Military grade all solid

Military grade all solid motherboard will all use (Taiwan) solid capacitors materials throughout the day, and fully meet the overclocking, servers, and lasting environmental resistance required, valid for up to 40000+ hours of work, materials supply is onda most high-end products.

Native USB3.0 technology

Maximum transmission bandwidth of up to 5.0Gbps, the fastest speed of traditional USB 10, and not through a third party by means of CPU chip and native support, have better stability and transmission rate, and has a better cost optimization.

Native SATA3.0 technology

Also known as the Native SATA6 Gb / s, not through a third party by means of CPU chips support native, with better stability and transmission efficiency, and achieve a more cost optimization.

Ultra Durable test

Onda All times are required by solid board from AMD (or Intel) standard laboratory 24 hours * 7 super endurance test.

3 year warranty

Onda motherboard solemn commitment to provide users with up to free 3 -year warranty period , allowing users to use more confidence.

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A CPU (Central Processing Unit)
– Support Socket FM2 / FM2 + Interface Processor
– Supports interfaces FM2 AMD Trinity / Richland APU series processors
– Latest The latest FM2 + Kaveri APU series processor interface
– Support AMD CPU Cool N Quiet Technology
Main chipset
– Using AMD A78 single-chipset design
– Integrated graphics depending on the chosen CPU-specific
Memory Specification
– Onboard two 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM slots support dual channel memory interface
– Supports dual channel DDR3 2133/1866/1600/1333 / 1066MHz memory speed (2133 / 1866MHz CPU support required)
– Memory capacity expandable up to 16GB
Expansion Slots
– 1 x PCI Express x16
– 1 x PCI
Memory function
– 6 X Serial ATA 3.0 ports, support RAID 0/1/10 and AHCI
– 2 X Front USB2.0 socket scalability four USB2.0 front interface
– 1 X Front USB3.0 USB3.0 socket scalability a front interface
– 2 X Rear USB3.0 interface
– 2 X Rear USB2.0 Interface
Built-in I / O Interface
– 1 X 24-pin ATX power socket
– 1 X 4-pin ATX 12V power outlet
– 1 X Front USB2.0 connector for connecting the two additional external USB 2.0 interface
– 2 X front USB3.0 connector for connecting the four additional external USB 3.0 interface
– 1 X front audio connector
– 1 x COM
Backplane I / O interface
– 1 X PS / 2 mouse port
– 1 X PS / 2 keyboard interface
– 1 x DVI
– 1 x VGA
– 2 X USB 2.0 interface, compatible with USB 1.1
– 2 X USB 3.0 interface, compatible with USB 1.1 / 2.0
– 1 X RJ45
– 3 X Audio Interface
BIOS / Power Management
– EFI BIOS; supports Advanced Power Management ACPI
– CPU temperature, fan speed, real-time monitoring system voltage
Network features
– Integrated RTL8111E 1000M card;
Audio features
– Onboard Realtek ALC 662 5.1-channel HD audio;
Board Size
– Micro ATX
– Sizes, 210×170 mm
Onda technical features
EFI BIOS; dual lightning static protection, three years free warranty, military grade all solid capacitors, Gigabit Ethernet, native USB3.0 / SATA3.0 interfaces, VGA + DVI dual video interface.

onda A78S+ AMD A78 motherboard

onda A78S + (version 3.00)


Driver version: 3.01
Updated: 2015-03-24
Support Operation: DOS
File Description: CPU C6!
R270 for realtek HD sound card driver sound windows XP_32 / 64
File size: 31.29MB
Updated: 2012/08/15
Application platform: Windows Xp
Explanation: realtek HD sound card driver R270:
for all motherboards with HD audio.
download link:   


LAN Driver 5.794 diskless special 2 for realtek NIC winxp 32/64 bit
File size:
Updated: 2012/10/07
Application platform: Windows Xp
Explanation: realtek NIC driver 5.794, diskless dedicated:
for all realtek 8101/8102/8103/8111 and other motherboard NIC
download link:   


AMD motherboard driver version 13.301.1001
File size: 721MB
Updated: 2014/02/13
Application platform: windows 7/8/8.1 32/64 bit
Explanation: AMD integrated motherboard driver files, ATI integrated graphics driver and RAID drives, HDMI sound card driver.
download link:   


AMD motherboard driver version 9.0.300.3001
File size: 137M
Updated: 2014-10-15
Application platform: windows xp 32bit
Explanation: Driver Version: 9.0.300.3001 (only applicable WINDOWS XP 32BIT)
download link:   


amd vga driver for 14.12
File size: 212m
Updated: 2015-06-11
Application platform: win7 32bit
Explanation: Unable to resolve 7870k APU installed VGA driver.
download link:   


File size: 202m
Updated: 2015-06-11
Application platform: win7 64 bit
Explanation: Solve AMD A-8550 APU Vga driver can not be installed.
download link:   


amd vga driver for 14.12
File size: 288m
Updated: 2015-06-11
Application platform: win 8.1 64bit
Explanation: Fixed AMD A-A8850 APU can not install the VGA driver
download link:   

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