Balun RCT-11030


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Balun RCT-11030 1:1 3kW

RCOMTECH High-Power Baluns and Transmission Line Transformers let your antenna perform to its fullest potential and reduce the stresses on your equipment. RCOMTECH baluns will deliver the power to your antenna with minimum loss and perform a perfect transition from balanced to unbalanced. This will result in the strongest signal that your antenna is capable of producing consistently with the lowest SWR under given conditions. This results in less stress on your transmitter so that components will last longer and operate better.

RCOMTCH baluns exhibit far wider bandwidths than conventional baluns because more of the flux is confined to the immediate vicinity of the core, so much more energy goes to your antenna. Extremely high efficiency is achieved over the entire frequency range.

1:1 current mode (choke) 3kW balun characteristics:

Custom imported high efficiency low permeability ferrite with coating seal
Widest operating frequency range
Lowest core pressure
Eliminate common common mode currents and radiation from feeders
Reduce transmission RFI and receive noise
Insertion loss is less than 0.02 dB
High standard waterproof box, long-term anti-UV
SO-239 nickel plated connector with waterproof gasket and TEFLON insulation (optional silver plated -X)

Features :
Part Number :    RCT-11030
Core Type :    Outstanding low permeability ferrite mix coated toroid core with special design for    maximum bandwidth by Fair-Rite Product
Winding Type :    Single core/Dual wire
Winding Material :    Polyimide Coated Winding Wire(Essex ALLEX Class 240 ) provide exact impedance    matching and superb insulation, unlike common Thermaleze wire
Ratio :    1:1
Power Handling(CW/SSB) :    3kW / 3kW
Frequency Range :    1 to 54 MHz
Band of Operation :    160M – 6M
Insertion Loss :    Less than 0.02db
Termination Impedance :    50 Ohms
Termination Type :    1/4-20 Studs/Hex nuts/Wing nuts
Connectors :    Gasketed SO-239 connectors are nickel-plated with Teflon insulation (option X silver    plated)
Hardware :    All Stainless Steel
Enclosure Type :    NEMA rated 4x junction box provide sturdy weatherproof and an additional level of    protection against corrosion
Dimensions :    4 in. x 4 in. x 2 in.
Additional :    Very high efficiency (98-99%)
Mounting Type :    Antenna Mounting Options are available in the Accessories section
Warranty :    Lifetime

Balun RCT-11030

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