Diamond D1300AM


D1300AM Super Discone Antenna for Wide band


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Diamond D1300AM

Diamond D1300AM

Super Discone Antenna

25 to 1300MHz for receiving

50/144/430/904/1200MHz for transmitting

Length:1.7m / Weight:1kg
Max.diameter:84cm / Mast diameter accepted:25mm to 50mm
Max Power Rating:

20W FM(50MHz),100W FM(more than 144MHz)

D1300AM Super Discone Antenna for Wide band

The D1300AM Super Discone antenna is ultra-wideband antenna which can cover medium wave (AM broadcasting), amateur radial, air traffic control and other various utility frequency bands and, in addition, even some amateur radio frequency band within the covering frequency range can be transmitted with this antenna alone.


1. Ultra-wideband design to be able to cover 25 to 1300 MHz including medium wave (AM broad casting)

2. Very compact and lightweight design enables the antenna to be installed on the balcony railing at an apartment or condominium.

3. Rust resistance structure is employed.

4. 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm amateur frequency bands and 33cm band (900MHz) can be transmitted.

5. Medium wave (AM broadcasting) can be received.

6. Very cost effective compared with similar antennas.

7. Since all radial rods are designed to have the same length, the D1300AM is perfectly omni directional as original discone antenna and can receive radio propagation from any direction evenly.


Frequency range:

Medium wave and 25 to 1300 receiving. (Amateur frequency bands and personal radio frequency band for transmitting)

  • Length 1.7m
  • Weight 1kg
  • Max Power: 20W (50MHz), 100W (more than 144MHz)
  • Wind resistance 40m/sec.
  • Max diameter 84cm
  • Mast diameter(mm): 25~ 50
  • Connector M

Recommended coaxial cable: Less than 100-2V

SWR less than 2.0

Assembling the D1300AM Super Discone Antenna


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