G6E-134P-USDC12 Omron Relay

G6E-134P-USDC12 Omron Relay


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G6E-134P-USDC12 Omron Relay

Low Signal Relay

■ Subminiature 7.87 H x 9.91 W x 16 L mm (0.31 H x 0.39 W x 0.63 L in)

■ High sensitivity with pick-up coil power of

98 mW

■ Surge withstand voltage meets FCC Part 68 rule and Bellcore 2.5 kV

■ Packaged for automatic insertion

■ Unique moving loop armature reduces relay size, magnetic interference, and contact bounce time

■ Bifurcated crossbar contact assures high reliability

■ Minimal loss of latching capability due to highly efficient magnetic circuit; also, highly resistant to shock and vibration

■ Sealed construction allows automatic solder and cleaning; assures high reliability even in adverse environments

■ Terminal arrangement fits international standard 100-mil grid

icom IC-723 G6E-134P-USDC12 Omron Relay

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