lepai LP-7498E+


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Lepai LP-7498E+

ST analog Class-D audio amplifier
Bluetooth playback function
High-fidelity stereo output
160+160W power output


Bluetooth music player able to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, millet mobile phones and other bluetooth cell phones and audio devices wireless connectivity up to play music.

Universal audio input function to external phone, DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, Blu-ray drives, notebook, PC, Tablet PC…

High-fidelity stereo design, perfect audio output, easy to load high-power passive speakers.

The amplifier section rugged chassis and reasonable internal structure, strict manufacturing process to ensure that the amplifier to be easily damaged. Whole line of advanced technology from abroad using expert design, basic to fever and various equipment components based on adjustable parameters to achieve maximum optimizacion.



LP-7498E+_TDA7498ETDA7498E is a high performance analog Class-D audio amplifier in a 100mm2 package integrates the output power per channel 160W, 320 total output power of the power handling capabilities, the latest analag Class-D power amplifier TDA7498E similar power density than the market 20% of products.


ST factory dedicated audio engineer recommended inductance, in some high-end machines are more common abroad.

LP-7498E+_nichicon_BPnichicon BP Promise school sound capacitors, voice clear and transparent, good low-speed, compact, IF strong texture, crisp sound at the end, a good level, high-frequency than the supple, penetrating the whole, tend HIFI resistance, strong and very refreshing modern feel.



LP-7498E+_relay_1Output relay is first connected to the amplifier and speaker who, for reliability, breaking speed, the contact resistance and other properties have almost demanding. Japan imported original NEC relay, power breaking current, contact resistance an fast response characteristic low, some high-end machine of choice for domestic and foreing goods.

LP-7498E+_NEC5532NE5532 is a high-performance low-noise dual operational amplifier (op amp double) integrated circuits. Many standard op amp is similar, but it has better noise performance, excellent output drive capability and very high small-signal bandwidth, large supply voltage range and other characteristics, is used as an audio amplifier sounds warm, high fidelity, in the early 1990s the audio industry by enthusiaasts as “op-amp of the Emperor”.

Power supply filter capacitor is the first big part of the sound, using fast bulk capacitor can provide enough energy for bursting needs. And only with the rapid charge and discharge capacity, the energy supply to get on so that the current is more stable, less so on the output signal distortion. Two rapid hihg capacity 50V 3300UF 6600UF combinen into a large pond, for HIFI convoy.

LP-7498E+_inductanceDedicated supply inductance has a very important role in terms of the power, can provide a more stable waveform of the input, to reduce the interference more spikes, power amplifier circuit for provideing a more pure stable, less interference current, so that the amplified signal to achieve more fidelity state.



LP-7498E+_bluetooth7498E+ Bluetooth stereo audio modules British CSR´s main chips design. High integration, small size, superior sound quality and other characteristics, with A2DP, AVRCP bluetoth transmission with any source device remote control protocols (such as: bluetooth-enabled cell phones, bluetoth stereo audio puberty module, bluetooth adapters, etc) to establisth a connection, receive high-quality wireless stereo audio streaming and remote control of the sound source can be the player.


  • input voltage: 18-36V
  • Input current: 5Amp.
  • Output Power: 160+160W RMS
  • Load Impedance: 4-8 Ohm.
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Total harmonic distorsion: 1% SNR:80dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 200mV
  • Input impedance: 47K


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