MS-H81DVR Motherboard Intel H81



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MS-H81DVR Motherboard Intel H81

  • Main Chipset: Intel H81
  • Audio chip: Integrated 6-channel audio chip
  • Memory slots: 2 × DDR3 DIMM
  • Mainboard: Micro ATX form factor
  • Power jack: a 4-pin, 24-pin power connector
  • Power modes: four-phase

MS-H81DVR Motherboard Intel H81

S-H81DVR uses INTEL H81 chipset, supports Intel LGA1150 processor interfaces, and support for the latest Haswell processor.

Using M-ATX board design, all black PCB design , CPU power supply part adopts Military Class solid-state 3-phase power design, support dual-channel DDR3 memory, match the R80 ferrite inductor, and provides a set of independent power supply modules .

Extensions motherboard provides a PCI-E X16 graphics slot, two PCIE X1 slot and one PCI slot. Disk aspect provides two SATA3.0 interface, two USB3.0 SATA2.0 interface and a set of pins, interface to provide four USB2.0 interface, a PS / 2 interface and is equipped with a COM interface, video output interface board provides VGA and DVI interfaces, network interfaces and additionally equipped with Fast multichannel HD audio interface.

And supports EasyLink diskless certification, three-dimensional defense technology.

MS-H81DVR detailed parameters

Motherboard chipset
  • Integrated chip card / card
  • Chip maker Intel
  • Main chipset Intel H81
  • Chipset description using Intel H81 chipset
  • Display chip CPU built-in graphics chip (requires CPU support)
  • Audio chip integrated 6-channel audio chip
  • NIC chip onboard Fast Ethernet


Processor Specifications
  • CPU Intel
  • CPU socket LGA 1150
  • CPU description support Intel 22nm processors
  • CPU Support Number 1


Memory Specifications
  • Memory type DDR3
  • Memory slots 2 × DDR3 DIMM
  • Memory description supports dual channel DDR3 memory


Expansion Slots
  • PCI-E slot 1 × PCI-E X16 graphics slot
    2 × PCI-E X1 graphics slot
  • PCI slot 1 × PCI slot
  • SATA Interface 2 × SATA II Interface; 2 × SATA III interfaces


I / O
  • USB Interface 4 × USB2.0 interface (back page)
  • External ports 1 × VGA Interface
    1 × DVI Interface
  • PS / 2 interface PS / 2 mouse, PS / 2 keyboard interface
  • Other interfaces 1 × RJ45 network interface
    Audio Interface


  • Mainboard Micro ATX form factor


Other parameters
  • Audio effects not supported HIFI
  • Power jack a 4-pin, 24-pin power connector
  • Power mode four-phase
  • Other properties of military material, 2 times the copper, EasyLink diskless, three-dimensional defense


Motherboard Accessories
  • Packing list motherboard x1
    instructions x1
    SATA data line x1
    baffle x1


Warranty Information
  • Warranty Policy Genius, enjoy Warranty Services
  • Warranty time 3 years
  • Warranty Note 3 year warranty
  • Customer service phone 020-3873-1788
  • Telephone Remarks Monday to Friday: 9: 15-18: 15
  • Details from the first year after the sale to the first three years, under normal use of the product, the quality of listed appear “microcomputer product performance failure Table” problem, and belong to the product within the normal warranty, the final seller should provide appropriate services in accordance with relevant provisions of the “three guarantees.” If you encounter a damaged product components discontinued, but the market can not find the corresponding components, MAXSUN consultation with consumer technology will make up the difference to change the depreciation of other products (the proportion of the depreciation of defective products “Three Guarantees”).

MS-H81DVR Motherboard Intel H81


Updated: 2016-01-09 10:47:49

Software Language: Simplified Chinese

Software Platform: Win7 / Win8.1 / Win10

File size: Unknown

Software Description:    BIOS / driver related / motherboard manual

BIOS update
BIOS version Updated Explanation file name telecommunications Netcom
G1.3L for PXE 2015/12/23 1. Designed for diskless PXE optimization, ordinary users do not need to update .
2. AHCI mode is enabled by default.
3. Optimize memory compatibility.
G1.3L 2015/12/23 1. AHCI mode is enabled by default.
2. Optimize memory compatibility.
G1.2L for PXE 2015/09/22 1. Designed for diskless PXE optimization, ordinary users do not need to update .
2. AHCI mode is enabled by default.
G1.2L 2015/09/22 1. AHCI mode is enabled by default. MSH81DVRFS12 .exe DOWN DOWN


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Motherboard manual
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V1.4 MAXSUN Intel Series User Manual DOWN DOWN

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