Sony AN-LP1



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Sony AN-LP1


This set consists of the following units.

  • Antenna Module
  • Antenna Controller
  • Filter Unit

Power requirements: DC 3 V, two R6 (size AA) batteries


  • An active antenna for better Short Wave reception.
  • A built-in amplifier that makes the reception like it is used at outdoors.
  • A compact size that is easy to carry.

Operating the Active Antenna

1 Set the POWER switch on the antenna controller to ON.

POWER lamp will be lit.

Adjust the FREQ SELECT control.

Sony AN-LP1

Notes on the Radio

• For details on radio operation, refer to its instructions manual.

• Set the DX/LOCAL switch of the radio to DX when using the active antenna.


• This active antenna is only for SW (Short Wave). When you receive FM, MW or LW be sure to unplug this active antenna. If you leave the active antenna plugged in to the radio, the telescopic antenna and the ferrite bar antenna will not operate.

To turn off the antenna controller

Set the POWER switch to OFF/STANDBY.

Sony AN-LP1

Sony AN-LP1

Sony AN-LP1 Sony_AN-LP1_b

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