SY-Z170 ZEUS Intel Z170

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SY-Z170 ZEUS Intel Z170

Soyo SY-Z170 ZEUS

  • Main Chipset: Intel Z170
  • Audio chip: Integrated 6-channel audio chip
  • Memory slots: 4 × DDR4 DIMM
  • Maximum memory capacity: 64GB
  • Mainboard: ATX plate
  • Power Socket: an 8-pin, 24-pin power connector
  • Power Mode: 14 phase

soyo SY-Z170 ZEUS Intel Z170

Soyo SY-Z170 ZEUS detailed parameters

Motherboard chipset
  • Integrated chip card / card
  • Chip maker Intel
  • Main chipset Intel Z170
  • Chipset description using Intel Z170 chipset
  • Display chip CPU built-in graphics chip (requires CPU support)
  • Audio chip integrated 6-channel audio chip
  • NIC chip onboard Gigabit Ethernet


Processor Specifications
  • CPU Intel
  • CPU6 Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron
  • CPU socket LGA 1151
  • CPU description support Intel 14nm processors
  • CPU Support Number 1


Memory Specifications
  • Memory type DDR4
  • Memory slots 4 × DDR4 DIMM
  • The maximum memory capacity of 64GB
  • Memory description supports dual channel DDR4 3200MHz memory


Expansion Slots
  • Graphics slot PCI-E 3.0 standard
  • PCI-E slot 3 × PCI-E X16 graphics slot
    2 × PCI-E X1 slot
  • SATA Interface 1 × M.2 Interface (32Gb / s); 1 × SATA Express interfaces; 6 × SATA III interfaces


I / O
  • USB interface 2 × USB3.1 interface (back); 2 × USB3.0 interface (back); 4 × USB2.0 interface (back)
  • HDMI Interface 1 × HDMI Interface
  • External ports 1 × VGA Interface / 1 × DVI Interface
  • PS / 2 interface PS / 2 mouse, PS / 2 keyboard interface
  • Other interfaces 1 × RJ45 network interface
    1 × optical interface
    Audio Interface




Other parameters
  • Audio effects not supported HIFI
  • Power jack an 8-pin, 24-pin power connector
  • Power supply mode 14 phase
  • RAID function Support RAID 0,1,5,10
  • Other features support for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 operating system
  • Listing Date November 2015


Motherboard Accessories
  • Packing list motherboard x1
    instructions x1
    SATA data cable x4
    x1 baffle
    x1 sticker


Warranty Information
  • Warranty Policy Genius, enjoy Warranty Services
  • Warranty time 3 years
  • Warranty Note 3 year warranty
  • Customer service phone 020-3873-1788
  • For details, according to the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and responsible “Three Guarantees” service provision, the commitment to provide quality service 3-year warranty. 3-year warranty: Since the first year after the sale to the first three years, you are in normal use of the product, if the quality of the listed “microcomputer product performance failure Table” was a problem, and within the normal range within warranty products, the final seller shall be in accordance with relevant provisions of the “three guarantees” to provide you with appropriate services.

soyo SY-Z170 ZEUS Intel Z170

motherboard drivers – INTEL series

Updated:            2016-03-03 19:30:48

Software language:        Simplified Chinese

software platform:         Win7_64/Win8.1_64/Win10_64

Software Description

BIOS / driver related / motherboard manual


BIOS version Updated Explanation file name telecommunications Netcom
G2.1G for PXE 2016-01-29 1. Designed for diskless PXE optimization, ordinary customers do not need to be updated.
2. The Board fully optimize overall performance.
G2.1G 2016-01-29 1. fully optimize the overall performance of the motherboard. Z170ZEUS21.exe DOWN DOWN


drive Explanation telecommunications Netcom
Chipset Driver for Win7-64、Win8.1-64、Win10-64 DOWN DOWN
Graphics driver for Win7-64、Win8.1-64、Win10-64 DOWN DOWN
ME system patches for Win7-64 DOWN DOWN
ME 驱动 for Win7-64、Win8.1-64、Win10-64 DOWN DOWN
IO driver for Win8.1-64 DOWN DOWN
IO driver for Win10-64 DOWN DOWN
Sound driver for Win7-64、Win8.1-64、Win10-64 DOWN DOWN
NIC driver for Win7-64 DOWN DOWN
NIC driver for Win8.1-64、Win10-64 DOWN DOWN
USB3.0 驱动 for Win7-64 DOWN DOWN

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